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Interviewing in the global economy, how to get hired by a multinational?
By Erica Elias


“Are you prepared for your next job interview”

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This eBook is a detailed breakdown of the interview. It’s targeted for people who desire to work in the global economy for a multinational organisation.

It will guide you to success buy providing a step by step approach which is pragmatic, providing many good resources, citing real life examples, which you can adapt to your own experience. After interviewing personally now more than 6,000 people, this guide is a compilation of industry best practice and teaches you about the most common interview models used in corporations today.

Chapter 1. How to write your CV?
Including how to target your CV to each job you apply for, make a focused objective statement, describe your work experience and achievements and highlight your character and competencies.

Chapter 2. How to prepare for your interview?
What do you need to know about the company before interviewing with them?.

Chapter 3. How to get the interviewer to like you?
Building rapport/developing your non-verbal communication attitudes and gestures.

Chapter 4. How to answer the question: tell me about yourself?
Learn why interviewers ask this question and what recipe can you follow for ultimate success.

Chapter 5. How to answer the question: Are you really motivated or are you just fooling yourself?
Follow a step by step checklist to make sure that you include in your answer: describe your targeted function and industry and align your values to those of the corporations.

Chapter 6. How to answer the question: Why did you leave your last employer?
This is a trick question. Learn why and how to handle it.

Chapter 7. Competency based model and STAR model
Situation, task, action, result) as a structured methodology in each of your answers.

Chapter 8. What do you do if you have a bad interviewer?
How to turn around the interviewer and guide them towards a positive experience.

Chapter 9. What is situational style interview and how to prepare for a business case?
For management consultants or strategic thinkers, this will help you to think out of the box and help you to prepare and answer a question in which you have no prior experience.

Chapter 10. How and when to discuss my salary and my expectations?
What questions should I ask my future employer? How do I discuss or offer my professional references?

* You will have instant access to these tools now to start preparing for your interview for tomorrow

14,50Add to cart

Get The Hard Copy Version


Recruitment A-Z

Whether you are a beginner in human resources or the director of a small and medium-sized enterprise, this book will guide you through the recruitment process. It discusses the best practices nowadays used in corporate environments, and because of its pragmatic approach it can be used as a workbook.

Price: 23 € – Buy the book on Die Keure Publishing website.

About the Author

Erica Elias is founder of MindWorks Recruitment. She has interviewed more than 6,000 people over the past decade. She is working with HR and Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance and IT Managers from start-up’s to multinational corporations to help them design a recruitment strategy and to search and select qualified people who can add value to any organization.

She obtained her University Degree in International Relations from Sacramento State, California, is a Certified Enterprise Coach from ICHEC, Brussels, Belgium. She is a qualified job coach, career advisor and recruitment trainer. Some of her clients have been Belgacom, AXA, Isabel, GSK Biologicals, Fortis, Alexion Pharmaceuticals and Honeywell.

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