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Option 1: Write and improve your CV (90 min. > 150€ + VAT)

  • Review your current CV and ensure that it complies with current market business practice;
  • Analyze CV with the job and company you are targeting and find gaps and rectify them;
  • Probe into your past work experience and learn how to uncover and highlight your skills, responsibilities and strengths and portray this in your CV;
  • Review your cover letter and ensure it’s relevant and unique to the job you are applying for.

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Option 2: CV Optimization + Interview Practice and Feedback Session (4h > 300€ + VAT)

  • Includes review and optimization of CV for the job you are targeting;
  • Practice Interview with feedback and learning the modern interview models in today’s workplace;
  • Live practice interview and coaching included.

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Option 3: Full interview practice (8h > 750€ + VAT)

CV optimization, target companies, Identify talents and skills.

  • Identify skill set and talents design a campaign of ‘target companies to approach’, CV optimization/review, and practice interview with live interview expert;
  • Identify your talents and skills – skills finder tool;
  • Discuss and feedback your strength areas and gain deeper understanding in which culture, environment and function you would thrive best;
  • Review market trends and identify companies which correspond to your values and talents;
  • Search specialized search engines and job boards for relevant jobs which correspond to your objective;
  • Optimize and re-write if necessary your cover letter and CV to ensure they are tailored to those specific companies and jobs;
  • We will spend a few hours to conduct live InterviewPractice. You will have the opportunity to learn and respond to the most important interview questions used in most businesses and multinational corporations. You will learn how to build examples of successes. You will learn how to understand and respond to the current interview models (STAR, behavioural, competency and situational);
  • Gain insight into your current communication style and learn strategies of how to get the interviewer to want to hire you.

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Option 4: Need a business coach? (1h >250€ + VAT)

Define an objective or strategy and build a plan of action in Order To:

  • Realize your potential;
  • Communicate differently with business stakeholders;
  • Assure a transition;
  • Manage or optimize time differently;
  • Identify priorities and understand your objectives;
  • Act as an active team member;
  • Be a leader, define your vision and live your vision.

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Option 5: Interview, preparation & Practice (90 min >150€ + VAT)

  • We’ll evaluate your current level of confidence and readiness;
  • We’ll evaluate your responses and see how we can improve them;
  • You will learn the current interviewing models used by most corporate and government institutions:
  • You will learn how to respond to the top 5 interview questions.

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PROMO for University Graduates / Unemployed persons. Special Price (60 min > 75€ + VAT)

Includes review and optimisation of CV for the job you are targeting.

  • Identify your core skills/talents and values;
  • Revise/Improve your CV;
  • Target companies and positions which are aligned to your goals (research relevant jobs);
  • Advice and assistance on sending out CV and cover letter;
  • Interview Preparation sessions (as needed, until you are hired).

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