Job Interview Tips. Are you trying to find a job in Belgium? Learn the latest interviewing models with a career coach.

Competency Based Interviewing (or known as behavorial based interviewing) is a common model that is used by HR departments of Multinational companies and management consultancy firms today. It simply means this: What you did in the past, predicts your ability to do it again in the future.

Here are some guidelines to help you practice behavioral interviewing:

  • Identify which competencies or ‘behaviors’ are listed in the description of the job you’re applying for. Often you’ll find that each job description lists several skills the company would like to see in a candidate such as “superb negotiation and communication skills, analytical, flexible, goal oriented.” If you see a list like that you should be prepared for an interview where you’ll be questioned about your soft skills.
  • If you believe that you fit the criteria a company is looking for, think back to when you demonstrated such skills in the work you’ve done. If you believe you’re an excellent communicator, for instance, you must have a reason for that conviction. Maybe you had an idea that you pitched – and it wowed your boss and colleagues. (Presumably you can do the same in your interview.) Or did a situation arise where you were asked to mediate or settle differences between colleagues or departments? If you think you have good negotiating skills you should have some basis for it. So what happened? Can you make a convincing case to the interviewer that you do in fact possess such skills? Put yourself in a manager’s shoes. What would you like to hear from a candidate? What would convince you that this person can do what they say? Your answer must be concrete, detailed and precise.
  • Prepare to answer these questions following the model STAR. This is a very common interviewing model widely used by multinational companies. It stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. Interviewers who use STAR generally follow a formula:


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