If you are looking for jobs in Belgium and want some help to prepare your upcoming job interview in Belgium then networking and using these sources will help you succeed. Where can you look to find a job in Belgium?

Why should you use Networking to find a job? What is Networking actually? Networking is a group of people who develop and maintain contact to exchange information (usually about a shared interest). Did you know that more than 50% of all jobs are not even advertised. They are filled by networking and internal employee referrals.

Networks help to:

  • Broaden interest of employees
  • Keep them informed about new technical developments
  • Make you more visible to others
  • Networks help employees learn who knows what and even who knows those who know.
  • Understand for yourself what your personal resources are and what you can offer to others
  • Clarify your purpose for joining a network
  • Join community organizations and contribute to them
  • Initiate contacts with people whenever you can find a reason
  • Share news/information and ideas with others, thereby creating an obligation to reciprocate
  • Seek out responsibilities that will bring you into contact with key people
  • Demonstrate to other people and networks that you can be trusted with confidential information
  • Identify the key members of your network-those who have most influence + willingness to help
  • Don’t hesitate to tap into your network for general advice, career contacts, other useful information
  • Find ways that you can help your network satisfy their needs

Here are some sources to help you find jobs in Belgium

www.jobscareer.be | For Belgian companies.
www.jobsinbrussels.com | For English speaking, International environment.
www.indeed.com | General, high quality international job portal (including the top 5 management consultancy firms who advertise here).
www.linkedin.com | Professional social network.
www.actiris.be | For Belgian companies and public sector.
www.monster.be | For Belgian or multinational corporate environments. Mostly middle management and executive level positions.
www.stepstone.be | For the Benelux. Also blue collar functions and internships. sp
www.vacature.be | Flemish job board: online and in print.
www.references.be | Belgian, French speaking job board.
www.optioncarriere.be | French speaking job portal.
www. careerjet.be | General Belgian job portal.
Newspapers | Le Soir, Le Vacature, Data News (IT), Metro, …
www.experteer.com | International job portal for executive positions.
eures.europa.eu | For European jobs.
www.ictjob.be | For ICT jobs in Belgium and Luxembourg.
www.vdab.be | Belgian, Flemish speaking job board.
www.forem.be | Belgian, French speaking job board.
www.brusselsjobs.com and www.eurobrussels.com | For international experts in law and political affairs, mostly Benelux.
www.vlan.be | For lower level jobs in the Benelux.
www.efinancialcareer.be | For jobs in the Benelux in finance, banking and insurance.
www.itjobboard.be | For IT jobs in Belgium.
www.jobat.be | Dutch and French speaking job portal for all industries.
www.it-jobbank.be | For IT engineers, programmers and analysts.

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