Tired of being #2 on the short list? Learn about jobs in Belgium and how to prepare your job interview in Belgium. Be Unique. Here is an Interview Tip about EMOTIONS. Get emotional.

Since there are more than 20% of university grads in Europe unemployed and there are fewer jobs available and more competition to have them, it’s critical that your CV, your research about the company and your interview preparation is impeccable or you simply will not get hired.

One way to stand out is to GET EMOTIONAL!

It’s only in the last few decades that the word, ‘love’ has come into the workplace.
Employers want to see individuals that show drive, ambition, passion. It’s ok now. Managers can’t take decisions without emotions. You too can show emotion in your job interview.

I Love……
It’s important for me to…….
My values are aligned with yours………be specific.

Career Management
Sustaining your career
Managing your career starts with YOU, no longer the HR dept.
What books have you read to get to new step?
What theory do you know?
What have YOU done to move into this new role or department?

Building your reputation – networking, discussing your achievements in an informal way-showing your enthusiasm and speaking genuinely with passion about your job, what you learned, what you delivered, what you are proud of.

Once you are in your first job…..how do you have internal mobility? What is this?
This is where networking is valuable.

What is internal mobility?

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