Looking for jobs in Belgium? Here are some interview tips to help you prepare for your job interview in Belgium. Briefly stated, Auto Suggestion is about the influence of thoughts on the mind and then the physical outcome of those thoughts.

When an individual tells its mind a thought, repeating it, over and over, eventually this thought turns into an outward action. If you tell yourself over and over again, “I can’t look at you in the eye”, these thoughts act like magnets, begin to replicate, and eventually your mind starts to believe this. For candidates, who lack self-confidence, I will help teach the technique of ‘auto suggestion’ to enhance their capacity to believe that they can overcome this ‘limiting belief’.

One of the tools that I will deploy in this study is the 5 step self-confidence formula by Napolean Hill. This will help influence the candidates’ thoughts from the negative to the positive, and hopefully will teach candidates how to gain rapport, learn to improve their non-verbal skills and then hopefully have more success in their job interview and in their professional and personal lives.

  1. I demand of myself to be persistent and continuously work to achieve my goal which is to gain confidence, and thereby improve my non-verbal skills, in order to have more success in future job interviews. I will not let go of this desire.
  2. I will concentrate my thoughts for 30 minutes daily about the person that I want to become, I see myself walk into the office building, with confidence, shake the interviewers hand firmly looking at them straight in the eye, and with a firm voice, I respond to the questions in a manner that is sincere and relevant. I will build a mental picture of the job interview process.
  3. I will devote 10 minutes daily to ask myself and develop self-confidence
  4. I will write down a description of my goal which is to improve my non-verbal skills by the time of my job interview and will not stop trying to obtain this until I have enough self confidence to succeed.
  5. I will use my ethics, personal integrity, belief in myself and my willingness to help others and serve others, be generous, eliminate hatred and jealousy and seeking to obtain power, in order to attract other positive forces to myself, thereby will cause others to believe me. I will memorize this formula and repeat it out loud at least one time daily.  Finally, this will help me to eventually influence my thoughts in order to succeed with my goal.

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