A day in the life of a corporate 40 year old…..before and after career coaching.

November 23, 2015 by In Blog

Before coaching…

“I’ve spent the last 10 years building my career. I work 10 hours a day. I show up in the morning and check my agenda. It’s been filled in by colleagues, managers, suppliers, clients and I don’t even know why my presence is needed and what the meeting wants to achieve? I hardly see my kids. My best moment of my day is reading a good night story to my 7 year old boy and kissing him goodnight”. By the time my kid gets to sleep, I clean up the dishes, listen to the news, jump in the shower and roll over and kiss my wife good night. Then, I set my alarm clock, sleep a bit and awake the next morning hearing a beep beep beep beep….”

This is what a man told me in a coaching session.

Oh, and he added on, “I’ve joined a gym so now I’m healthy and at least fit”

With some career coaching…..

I asked him, “if you could change this picture, what might it look like in the ideal world?”

“I would get up in the morning, drink a cup of tea. I would make love to my wife. Then, I would awake my 7 year old boy and talk with him. Then, I would go for a walk in the forest with my dog. I would go to work for about 6 hours. I would accept meetings in my agenda which only had a clear purpose and agenda and reason for my being there. Then, I would go home and make love to my wife. Then, I would meditate for 30 minutes. Then, I would pick up my boy from school and pay attention to him. We might play some music, build a structure…..play a game, read or just chat. Then, I would cook a wonderful dinner and eat with my family. I would make love to my wife, roll over and sleep and awake naturally to the birds chirping in the morning.”

It’s all about work and life balance. This man made a choice to change some aspects in his life. He shifted his priorities. He has plenty of money in the bank and enough to eat. He sees his son now more often. His wife hasn’t divorced him and he is more productive at work.

Become the author of your life. Re-write your life. Don’t let your boss or your father or your neighbourhood write your life for you.

Your job is your choice. Adapt your work. Make new priorities. Find more balance between your work and your life.

Turn your thoughts into positive flow and energy. Take actions. Become the designer of your life.

If this man could do it, so can you.

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