Are you a tired commuter? Do you sell your soul too and drive to work?

November 6, 2015 by In Blog

Wouldn’t it be nicer to spend your time working in a lovely green setting like in this picture? Do you drive at least an hour each direction to get to work today? Why do you sell your soul, your health and diminish your energy for your work?Is commuting really necessary? Will you be less productive if you work with your cat on your lap facing a tree?

If you are using up your valuable time driving to work today, which only stresses your nerves and takes away time in the day to be productive and do what you are good at, then it’s time to start looking for a new job?

Why accept to commute to your work today? Are you desperate? Are you living in fear of not being able to find as good as a job?

First of all, I’m finding more and more companies actually put restrictions on hiring people who live further than a 30 minute drive from the office. At first, I thought this was bull….sht. But, after further reflection, you realise that commuters are more tired, more often. They arrive to work feeling already on edge and need a green tea and a chat with a friendly colleague to unwind from having your petal to the medal, with all senses fully activated before your work day has even begun.

What can you do to stop this hectic commuting lifestyle? You have options. You just need to trust in yourself. You are capable. You deserve to have a balance in your life between work and family.

Let’s arrange a 10 minute call and see if you are ready for a change? Take your work life more actively into your own hands rather than maintain the status quo and stick to your comfort zone? Let’s evaluate your core skills and values and see what options are avaialble to you. Shift your lifestyle. Find freedom and more free time. Use these 2 hours each day differently. Take a risk. Explore your other options now, before the burn out hits you.

Can you work a day at home? Can you start your own service or small enterprise from home? Can you find a company closer to home? Can you cut your expenses and take a pay cut for a higher quality of life? These are some of the issues career coaching can explore with you?

Your job is your decision. No one else’s.

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