Are you doing what you love or just getting by?

September 23, 2019 by In Blog

Most people work to pay the bills. They no longer find job satisfaction. They no longer find joy in their work anymore. How can you change that?

It starts by exploring and getting in touch with your core natural talents. What are you good at? Why do you well easily? What flows for you? Is it networking? Is it thinking strategically and be creative? Is it leadership? Is it commanding people? Is it building harmony? Is it having empathy? Is it learning new things? Is it building momentum and acting to develop programs and put new things into place? Is it thinking positive? Is it relating to others in an easy way? Is it being an organizer? A planner? An arranger? Or is it your discipline? Or is it your comfort in being consistent?

Ask yourself this, “Does my current job and responsibilities use my natural talent?” If not, it’s time to think about some career coaching and re-adjusting your time and space to move towards your true being.

It’s critical to give yourself some time to develop your natural talent even if it’s only a few hours in the week. Allow yourself several hours per week for this natural talent to live and thrive. Start by taking ½ day off to develop this talent. Then, once you feel comfortable, are enjoying this ½ day, you can start slowly to devote more time on it. The idea is that you don’t quit a job with nothing in its place. You gradually do two things at the same time. You can start by being a volunteer in a place that will use your natural talent. Or, you can develop a hobby that uses your natural talent. Don’t worry about making money with it initially. That will come later. At first, just DO IT! Explore it.

If you remain passionate and focused and disciplined on your passion and allowing space and time for your natural talent to exist, then you will notice that slowly it will begin to take on a life of its own. It will require more time from you. You will start to notice that those few hours per week will turn into a day per week, then 2 days per week and then suddenly, you will find yourself quitting your job, being offered another job or finding full satisfaction with your hobby which now has turned into a full-time job.

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