Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

December 21, 2015 by In Blog

I took this picture last month. I found it on a wall in a fabulous restaurant in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I was amazed at how much fun the Mexican people are.

Most people in general were relaxed and laughing and enjoying their life and their work. I wanted to know why the Mexican people were laughing a lot and the Russian’s were not. I started to do a little research and discovered that Mexican people often prioritize their family and pleasure in life before their work!

The idea however, is not to choose between family and work. It’s to have balance between the two. But, if you really want to find the ultimate joy and peace, find work that doesn’t feel like work. How can you go about doing this?

Here are some questions to test you:

  • What brings you the most amount of joy in your workplace?
  • What is the #1 priority to you in the workplace?
  • What do you want to avoid in your work at all costs?
  • What do you respect most in the workplace?

If your answer is things like…I value most, “my independence, being a decision maker, creativity, flexible hours…..then explore the possibility to becoming an independent consultant. If your answer is things like, “I value most in my work feeling part of a big team, having stability and financial security, having clear processes to follow, and then explore the possibility of working in a multinational.” This is a start but then funnel down your analysis to the specific role and responsibilities and make sure that at least 80% of them are incorporating your natural gifts and talents.

What can you do now to start moving towards this new vision: work that doesn’t feel like work? Career coaching is a good start. Then, look at your beliefs and ask yourself this: “Do you deserve to find work that doesn’t feel like work?” Why or Why not? Are you capable to find work that doesn’t feel like work? What are you good at?

The key is this: You first want to have clarity about your values. Then, you want to know your talents. Then you want to work in a place and function which is aligned to those 2 crucial things.

Enjoy the holiday season this year end for 2015. Hopefully in 2016, we will start to take actions to make our work life feel like an ongoing holiday.

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