Do you get paid for doing what you would gladly do for nothing?

November 4, 2014 by In Blog

If you answer YES, then bravo.
You are in the right job.

However, if you answer NO, then this is a significant sign that you probably are not in the right profession, which is suited to your passion, beliefs and natural talents. How do you know if you are in the right profession or are you selling your soul for bread on the table, a decent salary and some fringe benefits? Is work a dull routine of drudgery for you? Then GET OUT or you risk to get kicked out.

Work is about Personal Development and GROWING, not just about a pay check. Learning to expand your knowledge, sharing what you know with your colleagues, thinking beyond your usual capacity, exploring your consciousness and being part of a tight system which is bringing a service or product to the common good, with good faith.

Work is not about just making a tedious living. Work is an opportunity to make a joyous living. It’s an opportunity to grow and evolve. It might be something as simple as, “when I first participated in a meeting, I was startled and quiet and uncomfortable. Now I’m an active participant and I’m learning that my participation is listened to, respected and actually valuable.” What is happening here? You are not feeling that you directly increase the company profits, but you are evolving as a person. And you are actually contributing to increased profits (without being aware of it.) Not only have you learned something about yourself, gained more confidence and are able to share a part of you with others, but you are genuinely happier.

Why is it important that you are happy?

The truth is this……..happy employees make a happy workplace. A happy workplace makes employees more productive. More productive employees usually contributes to more revenue.

Doing what you love is often more valuable than the ‘better pay check’
So be careful not to be a job hopper, running after money when happiness comes from within.

A good job doesn’t always mean a good salary.

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