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October 15, 2014 by In Blog

How to answer the question, “Do you have any questions?” It’s in the way that you ask questions, which will show the interviewer how intelligent you really are.

In every job interview, there will be a time towards the end where the interviewer will ask you, “do you have any questions?”
This is actually one of the most critical parts of the interview process.

You want to ask questions first, which are pertinent to the job content. Your questions should be detailed about the job content. Your goal is to show the interviewer that you are an expert and can be operational fast.

  • Are you really motivated?
  • Are you an expert or not?
  • Do you understand the job you will need to perform?
  • Can you bring something special to this position?
  • Can you solve my problem?

For example, you want to ask questions like, “how is the process done today to:

  • gather the business requirements’,
  • or do the monthly reporting,
  • or make the sales forecasting,
  • launch a new product?”

By asking this, it shows that you understand there is a process to follow (which is the case in most multinational corporations).

Then, you can go deeper and ask, “are there any areas that you want to improve in this process┬átoday and what exactly would you expect from me to help you get there?”

Example questions to ask for different jobs:

Business Development:
“which sales channel is the most profitable? “is it from the consumer sales or the indirect 3rd party distributor channels.

“what strategy is outlined in the marketing plan this year to gain a greater market share from our key competitors?”

What are the main transport routes today and how can we optimise them to be more efficient and cut costs for the near future?

What is the current operating profit today and is the board satisfied with these numbers or is there a strategy for optimisation? Is the company having a healthy P&L, or are there some key areas which need to be addressed in order to get to a balanced budget?

*It’s not necessary to ask more than 2-3 questions which are intelligent, succinct and relevant. If you start to pull out a list and ask many questions….it could begin to annoy the interviewer and show them, that you really don’t understand what you are going to do.

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