The secret to getting your dream job is 3 things

January 24, 2016 by In Blog

The secret to winning your job interview and having your dream job is 3 things: You have the skills. You are well prepared. You want to win.

Many people I coach have the first 2, but then they have inner doubts which get in the way of their success. They lack that real heart felt winning spirit. It is this drive; this deep desire from within that knows that you can do this job well. You deserve it. This attitude that you are going to get this job no matter what it takes, is what will get you hired. This inner feeling is ultimately what brings you the self-confidence to succeed in your job interview.

Sports Champions don’t win because they are filled with talent, skills and muscle. They win because they have the desire to win. They win because they want to win. They win because they know since a long time deep in their heart that this is not only what they have been preparing for, for a very long time but they want that Gold Medal too!

You as an employee haven’t just spent years at the university to get that diploma, spent weeks preparing for this job interview, spent years doing your job impeccably, and spent time and devotion to continuous learning and training’s, to then just think, “I won’t get this job because because because……”

If you doubt you will get hired, you probably won’t.

You need to eliminate the doubt.Trust this, “When you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, you know already, that you got it.” You want it, you breath it, you live it and you know that you deserve it. And on top of that, you have the talent. You have the experience. You know that you can do this job. But, if you feel hesitation and experience a lack of confidence already going in to your job interview, you are probably going to lose it.

To win a job interview, you need to think of winning it just like that gold medalist does.

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