Unleash your creativity, at any age

October 3, 2020 by In Blog

It’s not only when you’re a kid you can be creative. It can be at any age. Life is not only about your pension, savings and job stability. If you love writing, painting, bike riding, teaching, surfing, nursing, running, or blogging/travelling, or playing music or singing or strutting a dance move, it doesn’t have to be just a hobby! It is your passion and it can be your day job too. It’s not because you are an adult, you must shut out this creative side to you.

You can start to build your portfolio in your creative area and you will notice that more opportunities will arise. Then, making more money will follow. The important thing is to start building that portfolio. Don’t be afraid to accept less money to get started…..it’s the experience which grows over time, which will bring you financial gain eventually. 

Most adults think this, “I’m too old to make a break for it now. Those things are not real jobs. They are just hobbies. It won’t make money.”

Maybe you can try this. 

LISTEN TO PEOPLE who have already done it.

If you want to work in a specific new area, contact on LinkedIn 5 to 10 people who have done it and say, “I really admire what you do, can you help me and answer a few questions as I’m considering a career transformation in the area you are working in?”

 It might be worth it to earn less money or a third of your salary in order to transition. You will eventually get back up to where you were…..over time. Try to earn some money, learning from someone else (a mentor in your area of expertise) even if you have to do the remedial tasks and are not using your full potential. There is no going back to where your parents were for example? Feeling poor and underutilized and not creative. 


Get practice doing it, find out what resonates for people or what doesn’t resonate for people. 

How can you get started towards transformation?

You can do things on the way with your goal to start your own business?

Is it better for you to lean on someone, get a part-time job in the area you love and live conservatively verses going back to an expensive school which could cost you a lot of time and money, which you don’t want to dedicate? 

Options to Transform:

  • Work for free
  • Get a mentor (ideally through a reference) 
  • Do an internship
  • Get enrolled in a class or training program 
  • Teach yourself a new skill
  • Find a side gig, part time independent / freelancer 
  • Work part-time or donate your time (but with a mentor in your field), get the experience on your CV
  • Become an assistant to your dream boss 
  • Give something back, something for free, write a daily column even if you’re not paid or sign up to an art class or volunteer for the red cross

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